FAAP Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado


MAB-Centro opens this Saturday - September 10th, two art exhibitions and in the same day, the Artistic Residency will have an Open Studio, where the 10 artists now hosted will open their studio and talk about their work.

The exhibition Processes and displacements: the constitution of a contemporary art collection and the artistic practice in residency is the first to gather works from the MAB collection incorporated from donations of the artist who have been  part of the FAAP Artistic Residency program.  It features 40 works in different visual expressions from the artists Lara Almarcegui, Vânia Sommermeyer, Nuno Barroso, André Hauck and Camila Otto, Bruno Cidra, Lara Morais, Nelson Crespo, Victor Florido, João Paulo Racy, among others.

This initiative is part of the celebration of the FAAP Artistic Residency's 10 years, a program developed by the Institution to support and motivate Brazilian and foreigner artists, offering a privileged space to research and develop projects in the capital of São Paulo.  

The second exhibition, Where would I go, if I could go, the artists Fernanda Galvão, João Fasolino, Laura Rolim, Luana Fortes, Raphaela Melsohn and Stephanie Doppler – graduated on the 1st semester of 2016 at the Visual Arts course,  present their works as a  result of their four years of study.

The event marks the beginning of these young artists' professional lives, showing their anxieties and proposing reflections starting with the exhibition title about the condition – not only spatial but also territorial – of the environment in which they are inserted.